Jan 22, 2002· 2. Install the nut, spring and plunger onto the cable. 3. Install the assembly into the Mikuni HSR carburetor. Be careful to only gently tighten the plastic nut. 4. Check for free-play. Adjust the cable as necessary. An optional choke cable mounting bracket is included in the Evo kits for custom installations. Carburetor Installation: 1.

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INSTALLATION 1. Place gaskets on top and bottom of assembly. Gaskets subject to relaxation or cold flow are not recommended for use with the holder assembly. Spiral wound gaskets are not suitable for certain sizes and flange ratings. Reference warning notes on page 1. 2. Carefully slide rupture disc assembly between companion flanges.

assembly and mounting instructions general • warning-disconnect power before relamping or wiring the fixture. turn off the entire electrical circuit to which the lighting fixture is attached • installation and maintenance of this fixture should be completed by a licensed electrican • failure to install fixture correctly could result in

All the necessary parts and gaskets to freshen up an HSR carb. Includes needle valve assembly, O-rings, gaskets, screws. KHS-016 Rebuild Kit for HSR42/45 Carb with 4.2 needle valve & exploded view instructions. KHS-031 Rebuild Kit for HSR48 Carb with 4.5 needle valve & exploded view instructions. Optional and Replacement Parts

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Jan 13, 2011· Georgia, sorry to hear about your frustration with the instructions for the picnic table. If you need assistance with assembly, please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-347-8372 (Monday – Friday between 8 – 5 ET) and they would be happy to walk you through any difficult steps.

30-MTK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS The Hustler 30-MTK modifies the 4-BTV or 5-BTV for 30 meters operations. A 30 meter trap and two shorter tubes replace the original 56" 40 meter tube. The three and six element spider assemblies are eliminated. ASSEMBLY If you are converting a 4-BTV it will be necessary to trim the 36" tube (part #4190-1) to 33 ...

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Assembly Instructions - Montageanleitung - Montagehandleiding - Instrucciones de montaje - Instrukcja montażu - Montážní návod - Montaj Kılavuzu INST_HTA 01/19 (INST_HTA_Leviat_01-19.pdf - …

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with these rules for safe assembly, installation, operation and use of the system. Proper and complete assembly, use and supervision is essential for proper operation of the product and to reduce the risk of accident or injury. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ASSEMBLE AND INSTALL THIS PRODUCT WITHOUT FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. WARNING 1.

Only a qualified person shall install or service the regulator. Introduction Scope of the Manual This manual provides instructions for the installation, adjustment, maintenance and parts ordering information for the Type HSR residential and/or industrial/commercial pressure regulator. Description The Type HSR direct-operated, spring-loaded ...

the helix2 slide is designed and manufactured for installation and use on inground swimming pools only. do not install this slide on above ground pools, houseboats, boat docks, floating docks or platforms, or other bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. proper assembly, installation, use,

ErgoTune Installation Guide. 6 steps, 20 minutes, hassle free installation Assemble quickly and easily with our installation guide. ErgoTune Supreme Guide

Installation Sheet Type HSR D103075X012 June 2019 Introduction This manual provides instructions for the installation, startup and adjustment of the Type HSR pressure regulator. If maintenance is required, refer to the Type HSR Instruction Manual, form 5753. To receive a copy of the instruction manual, contact your local Sales Office ...

Installation Instructions DXE-BTV-INST-INS - Rev 4b Cost: $7.95 ... DXE-HSR-5BTV-P1 or P2 or the DXE-HSR-6BTV-P1 or P2. ... We suggest you read the entire manual before starting assembly. When you install any antenna, you want the maximum performance and these instructions

CONTACT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Assemble the contact to the respective wire. NOTE: For more information concerning the process of crimping the contact please see contact assembly instructions in Section 2 of this User Manual. NOTE: When using 20/26 GHz SMA (610 102 134) it is recommended that the SMA patchcord be screwed on to the

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12. Install spider assembly as shown in Fig. 5, it should be flat against the top of the 20 meter trap cover. Securely tighten the 6-32 x 3/4" screw with lock washer and hex nut. 13. Install the 1-1/4" x 56" tube to the 20 meter trap and set to dimension D from table in Fig. 7. Securely tighten clamps. 14.

May 10, 2000· After reading these instructions, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you have a professional install it for you. If you install the kit yourself, we recommend that you also use the applicable shop manual for your motorcycle. 1. Mikuni HSR series carburetors require the use of a push/pull throttle assembly to assure positive closing of ...

BitRunner Installation and User Guide: View BitRunner installation guide. BitZero. Installation: View installation instructions Userguide: View Userguide. HDZ. HDZ 4.0 Installation Guide: View HDZ 4.0 installation guide. HDZ 3.3 Installation Guide: View HDZ 3.3 installation guide. HDZ 3.2 Installation Guide: View HDZ 3.2 installation guide. Z-Plus

Hollaender® railing systems are easy to install and maintain. We have provided a variety of installation instructions below to help on the job site. If you have any questions about …

Flip the entire assembly for opposite installation. 3. Move the Door assembly (02) with the Wall profiles (01) on the Shower base with Stationary glass side tight to the wall. Pull Glass door side of the Door assembly by stretching top and bottom Expanding rails to extend the Door assembly towards the opposite side of the wall. If your top

the installation. Note) To evenly secure the table, tighten the mounting bolts in diagonal order as shown in Fig.11 . This method saves time in establishing straight-ness of the LM rail and eliminates the need to machine securing dowel pins, thus to drastically shorten the installation man-hours. 1 6 3 5 2 4

assembly, the O-ring is firmly sandwiched between the angular sealing surface of the port, the male end undercut, and the shoulder or back-up washer of the male end.

HALFEN HSR INST_HSR 06/19 Assembly Instructions • Montageanleitung • Notice d'utilisation • Montážní návod • ... the bolt and also to check correct installation. After fi nal tightening of the bolt, the notches must be perpendicular to the longitudinal channel axis.

ANSMARTPIPEPLUS_08 USE SmartPipe+ Installation Manual 9.1 Fitting Components 25 9.1.1 Examples and Assembly Solutions 25 9.2 Assembly 26 9.3 Assembling to the Wall 27 10 Flexible Hose Assembly 28 11 Examples of Assembly Solutions 29 12 Fixing Clips Example Installations 30 12.1 Fixing to the Ceiling 30

Assembly Instructions. Some of our products require minimal assembly by the customer. Please choose your product from the list below.

ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS X0035 / X0036 / X0037 / X0038 / X0039 / X0040 NO. 1 3 5 Dimension(inch) Total Watts Item #: X0035/X0036 8 X0037/X0038 X0039/X0040 A B C 0.75 8 12 15 2.75 16 2.75 0.75 21 2.75 0.75 NOTE: 1. Before installing, consult local electrical codes for wiring and grounding requirements. 2. READ AND SAVE THESE ...

Feb 10, 2003· tuning parts in the HSR choke mechanism. The choke is designed to work correctly with the throttle closed. Opening the throttle greatly reduces the action of the choke. Make sure that the stock Harley-Davidson choke cable is fully seated in the metal elbow at the carburetor end of the cable assembly (see Installation Instructions).

HSR Thrust Restraints are used in pairs and best uti-lized when located on the centerline of the discharge outlet of the fan, bridging the flexible duct connector. HSR Thrust Restraints consist of high deflec-tion, large diameter, laterally stable steel coil springs assembled into a threaded rod and brack-et assembly.

assembly and mounting instructions . general • warning-disconnect power before relamping or wiring the fixture. turn off the entire electrical circuit to which the lighting fixture is attached • installation and maintenance of this fixture should be completed by a licensed electrica n • failure to install fixture correctly could result in